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The World’s Greatest Egg Nog

A few years ago, I heard Julia Reed on NPR give out a recipe for “The World’s Greatest Egg Nog.” The only place I’d ever gotten egg nog before was from the grocery store out of a carton…hmmm, you can actually make this from scratch? My wife was up for the challenge, and with some Bullet Bourbon left over from our wedding, we decided to give it a try….WOW! It was actually pretty easy to make, and holiday party goers we’re shocked and surprised, like me, most had never actually had, real, homemade egg nog. The best tips I can offer with preparation are, do not beat the cream TOO much, then the egg nog gets too thick and it almost ends up being like a mousse, rather than a liquid you can drink, it takes quite a while to beat the eggs until they’re “ugly” or almost blue, and let the bourbon and sugar sit combined in the mixing bowl overnight. Check out the World’s Greatest Egg Nog Happy Holidays!

ps – apologies to my vegan friends

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