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Little Caesar’s Car TV Commercial

Little Caesar’s Car TV commercial is another iconic, humorous spots, if I do say so, myself, that we closely associate with the brand. Booking this gig to be the “Dad” was exciting, to say the least.  And yes, they split an actual car in two. We shot the opening scenes in a “real” car, then moved to an identical replica of that car that had been cut into two pieces. A forklift’s hydraulics was used to push the section of the car with me and the kids away from the other section. That left Mom, played by Laura Sullivan.  Great shoot, a lot of fun and it’s been MIND BLOWING to me how many old friends, have reached out asking me, “hey did I see you in a Little Caesar’s commercial?” Even a few strangers in a store, a bar recognized me from this one.  Fatal Farm directed, Gifted Youth produced and Barton F Graf is the ad agency.


Ooma TV Commercial The Walk

In the new Ooma TV commercial The Walk the second of two, the scenario with mom and daughter is hysterical in its own right. But it’s also a funny foreshadow into my life as a new dad, and the challenges of trying to get out the door with your kid. A big shoutout to director Jovan Todorovic for bringing such a real, human element to “The Walk” and “The Neighbor” – amazing work. Many thanks again to Ooma and Carmichael Lynch for asking me to help bring these commercials to life too.


Ooma TV Commercial – The Neighbor

When I went in to audition for a new Ooma TV commercial a smart, growing and really cool VOIP and saw Carmichael Lynch attached, I knew the finished work would be compelling and based on the scripts, funny and with heart, the combination was going to be potent. I’ve been a fan of CL in Minneapolis for some time, they created the long running Subaru “Love” campaign and being based in a music town, they embrace local and national bands, artists and always do fantastic work. I was thrilled, to say they least when they called to tell me I had gotten the job to narrate the new spots and even more excited when I saw the final cuts! Thanks Ooma and CL for the opportunity and big appreciation to the folks at Kalmenson and Kalmenson for always casting amazing projects and my very supportive agent Brandie Ilsen at LW1.


The World’s Greatest Egg Nog

A few years ago, I heard Julia Reed on NPR give out a recipe for “The World’s Greatest Egg Nog.” The only place I’d ever gotten egg nog before was from the grocery store out of a carton…hmmm, you can actually make this from scratch? My wife was up for the challenge, and with some Bullet Bourbon left over from our wedding, we decided to give it a try….WOW! It was actually pretty easy to make, and holiday party goers we’re shocked and surprised, like me, most had never actually had, real, homemade egg nog. The best tips I can offer with preparation are, do not beat the cream TOO much, then the egg nog gets too thick and it almost ends up being like a mousse, rather than a liquid you can drink, it takes quite a while to beat the eggs until they’re “ugly” or almost blue, and let the bourbon and sugar sit combined in the mixing bowl overnight. Check out the World’s Greatest Egg Nog Happy Holidays!

ps – apologies to my vegan friends


Adventures of Annie and Ben over 4mil views!

The Adventures of Annie and Ben keeps rolling out with new episodes and thanks for all of the support, with now over 4mil views and counting across all episodes…and check it out in 4k resolution. We’re getting ready to record some new shows in the next couple weeks too!


The Adventures of Annie and Ben


Here’s the first episode of The Adventures of Annie and Ben, we discover Atlantis, this is perfect for kids 4-7, it’s a really fun show, number one of many more to come on the Hoopla Kidz Youtube platform.


YoBoHo Media’s Hoopla Kidz

Variety ran this great piece this week about YoBoHo Media’s Hoopla Kidz Youtube MCN and Broadband’s new partnership, highlighting the launch of my new animated series, “The Adventures of Annie and Ben!”  For those wondering, I’m Ben, the dog.

BroadbandTV Pacts with YouTube on Original Kids’ Series Variety


WFCU commercial – “My Story”

Thanks to the Narrator Group for casting me in their “My Story” campaign for Warren Federal Credit Union, WFCU for hipsters. It really runs parallel to my own story these days and I’m grateful. Special thanks to agency partner Warehouse Twenty One


Illuminae – Random House

Random House/Penguin is launching an epic new series called Illuminae. In anticipation of the pre-order in October, they asked me to be the interrogator in this super cool promo video for the first book in the coming series:



Self Direction Workshop!

Amazing, fun self direction workshop with Jodi Gottlieb and Jeff Howell, two incredible coaches. Big thanks and shout out to this extraordinarily talented group of VO artists too, let’s do it again soon.