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Little Caesar’s Car TV Commercial

Little Caesar’s Car TV commercial is another iconic, humorous spots, if I do say so, myself, that we closely associate with the brand. Booking this gig to be the “Dad” was exciting, to say the least.  And yes, they split an actual car in two. We shot the opening scenes in a “real” car, then moved to an identical replica of that car that had been cut into two pieces. A forklift’s hydraulics was used to push the section of the car with me and the kids away from the other section. That left Mom, played by Laura Sullivan.  Great shoot, a lot of fun and it’s been MIND BLOWING to me how many old friends, have reached out asking me, “hey did I see you in a Little Caesar’s commercial?” Even a few strangers in a store, a bar recognized me from this one.  Fatal Farm directed, Gifted Youth produced and Barton F Graf is the ad agency.

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