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about_j-dropcapohn’s natural character sound, sticks out but fits in, a quirky everyman, conversational with an approachable edge, attached to youth culture with the mindset of someone his own age, always emotionally invested, think a young Harold Ramis or Ray Romano – he’s the advocate, the guy everyone asks for advice because he’s got just enough knowledge about a lot of things to be an “authority” or dangerous or cool, at least in his own mind.

It’s pronounced “Biondolillo” as in Behind Your Pillow… Beatles over The Stones. Was a radio DJ in a former life then chased rock stars (“star” used loosely) across a few continents for a living. Throwback but contemporary, likes to believe he led the renaissance in using the word, “solid” and calls most people by their last names. Stock market and financial news junkie, politico, always the advocate and “authority” knows enough about a lot of things to be dangerous. Genuine, he appreciates the classic over the new, with zilch time for anything “du jour.”   If you’re lucky he might make you homemade pasta.

Seattle and Capetown are two of his favorite places on the planet. New York will always have a place in his heart and soul but John now happily calls Los Angeles home.